Check This: Roo Panes – Thinking of Japan

roo panes

British Burberry model but more importantly if less interestingly singer-songwriter, Roo Panes taps the deep vein of atmospheric lush indie rock that Bon Iver, Novo Amor, and Sigur Ros have traveled before. His songs exude an earnest melancholia in formal homage to the dreary nights of self-reflection that the British climate (and international model stardom??) makes available.

From a deep smooth baritone to a clear high falsetto Roo utilizes his voice as an additional instrument to accompany the perceussion, strings, and piano.

The new single from his upcoming record is “Thinking of Japan”- a quiet sensitive track that appeals to the listeners pathos and belies an intense sensitivity that has won the singer-songwriter plaudits.

“Quiet Man” is similar in theme to Radical Face’s recent “Personal Giants” speaking about the hero that doesn’t receive the praise for simply being a good friend, which can be so much harder than a moment of bravery. Great music, vocal range, a bit stirring.

He’s releasing the deluxe edition of his 2018 album, Quiet Man, with three new tracks and some live songs on May 10th. Check out his catalogue and pick up his album when it’s released.

Roo Panes seems to have put the modeling behind him or to the side at least as he’s found commercial success with his first three albums and his fanbase continues to grow. There’s nary a mention of Burberry in bio info I read with credibility resting solely on his warm, pastoral music.

As always, here’s the CHECK THIS 2019 Playlist for your enjoyment.

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