EP Review: Sun Studies – Sketches

sun studies.jpg

As from crackled speakers built into a beer stained juke box across a smoky bar, Sun Studies emerges cloaked in heavy folk-pop nostalgia. The distinctive Roy Orbison-eque vocals anchor the feel hearkening back to southern bluesy rock. The sound is unique but familiar and highly engaging.

Reid Johnson, the vocalist, has been honing his sound in various bands since the early 2000s gaining a significant following out of Durham, N.C. With this new project he is embracing the creation of characters and songs of vivid vignettes. The plan opens up the EP to have thematic variety and a diversity of content that makes attentive listening a pleasure.

In our generation of rush and multitasking, Sun Studies could provide the reminder to take a moment for memory. Ultimately, the EP reaches to nostalgic theatrics and the music and vocals rise to the occasion making for a striking listen and a live performance that would be highly entertaining.

Album Highlights:

“Which Wave?”

“Water Over Everything”

“We Were Overdue”

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