Check This: Big Nothing – Real Name

Big Nothing promo photo (Credit to Jared Castaldi)

Artist: Big Nothing

Song: “Real Name”

Album: Chris (release date: May 10th)

Genre: Punk, Pop Punk, Alternative

Label: Salinas Records

Formed by four musicians in Philadelphia finding themselves desiring a new project to work on together, the members of Big Nothing started their nascent career jamming out some voice memo riffs and Against Me! covers before writing their first original material. With song-writing and singing duties split between three different members of the band, the group casts a wide net with its sound, but the influences of tried and true rock and roll remains throughout.

First single “Real Name” is a big, anthemic rocker about feeling insignificant and invisible. The heart-on-your-sleeve, emotionally bare lyrics like “no one ever taught me how to be anything but ashamed” ring with a sour truth anyone who has struggled with their own self-worth can relate to, and yet the band manages to take these distraught feelings and transform them into a unifying rally cry; “No one ever calls me by my real name. They just look right through me, oh it’s a damn shame”. It’s fist-pumping rock n’ roll that’s easy to shout along to.

Find it in our Check This 2019 Playlist below:

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