Lost Gems: Kimberly Kills – Ten Years Too Soon

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 3.00.27 PM

I started college shortly after the rise of Napster, in an era where young bands were just figuring out how to get their music out into the digital world as a means of being discovered, and a heap of nascent music websites began hosting mp3s of small-town rock and pop punk bands by the hundreds.

The place I gravitated towards most was the aptly titled http://www.mp3.com, where I became immersed in a new world of music discovery. Some of the bands using these sites would find some modicum of success, while others have completely disappeared, with the digital singles I managed to snag back then the only proof they ever existed.

One song that always got stuck in my head was “Ten Years Too Soon” by Kimberly Kills, a 4 piece melodic rock band from San Diego. Opening with tribal drums, the song made use of a ferocious dual guitar attack that could rouse the dead, just as the nostalgia-tinged chorus hits. Aside from some immature lyrics (“wanted you that bad, then I made you mad so you told all my friends that I was gay”), there’s still something about the song that hits the right emotional and melodic notes.

Thankfully, someone uploaded the track to Youtube, since it’s currently not available on any streaming service! Challenge to you readers – help me track down this band and convince them to rectify this!

Listen to it here:


  1. One of my favorite of all time bands that never made it big! Thanks for remembering them with us! I actually cover a lot of their songs. Such a good writer.


  2. the singer’s follow-up band, fine white china, was decent as well, and they actually repurposed several kk songs with a pop-punk edge.


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