Comeback Alert: Ten Foot Pole – Don’t Be a Dick


Melodic punk band Ten Foot Pole first hit the scene in the early 90’s, unleashing a slew of fast and catchy albums of skate park punk that gave them a loyal following. I remember first discovering tracks like “The Getaway” in college, which would accompany me on many drives along the California coast.

After a fifteen year absence from releasing all-new material, the group is back with a new album, Escalating Quickly, and the very catchy, humorous and relevant first single “Don’t Be a Dick”. Lead singer Dennis Jagard recounts humorous stories from youth (“When a car of massive jocks/Asked what school I attended/And then pelted me with rocks/I poured sugar in their gas tank”) as well as modern lessons learned (“I’ve rocked with millions of diverse people/Big to small and fancy to plain/Under skin and clothes and hardware/More or less we’re all the same”) to a hyper-bouncy singalong with an easy message everyone should remember; Don’t be a dick!

Check out the single below and find the album wherever you like to listen to music!

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