Check This: Bon Iver – U (Man Like)

bon iverIt’s a good day when Justin Vernon releases new music. Under the name Bon Iver, Big Red Machine, or Volcano Choir he has produced some epic indie. From the seminal For Emma, Forever Ago (2007) to a few great tracks from 22, A Million (2016) (see: “29 #Strafford APTS” each album and project has held something special. So it is with great excitement that a new Bon Iver album is in the works and last week Vernon released a new singles from it: “U (Man Like)”.

When I asked my fiancée to help me figure out what it meant she said that he had lost her at For Emma but the songs were pretty. And I read that the lyrics for his first album were designed to fit the song by syllable indicating a less coherent lyrical structure leading to a bit of difficulty in deciphering meaning. More recently, the change to sound of 22, A Million got things more weird like his first Volcana Choir album Unmap (2009) and sync it with Bon Iver style tempos and lyrics. This album fell a bit flat for me, and I didn’t understand it.

But on this new track, there is a return to classic sounds. It’s a bit more pared down to the indie folk of yesterday and features his low baritone along with his distinguishing falsetto. It’s a track that gets me really hyped for his next album. Looking forward to it.

Also check out his release of a previously recorded song “Hey Ma.”

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