Lost Gems: This End Up – When It All Comes Down / Today


As mentioned in my last Lost Gems post, where we covered Kimberly Kills, the early days of mp3.com was a musical buffet of free songs from hungry young bands trying to take advantage of the digital music boom. There was a real feeling of excitement in searching for and discovering new music at the time, since there weren’t algorithms pushing music at you. The production on these songs wasn’t always perfect, but it was that more ragged, rough sound that made these gems feel special. You weren’t finding a corporate-washed pop product – these were songs by a handful of friends making music in their garage and realizing they no longer needed a big label to get their tracks heard across the country.

One of these bands whose songs have stuck with me over the last nearly two-decades is This End Up. While you may find a band with that same name on Spotify, trust me – it’s not these guys. Also pretty sure it’s not this pre-CKY thrash metal band. Frankly, I can’t find anything about this band, nor were the songs of theirs I loved anywhere online…

Until now.

“When It All Comes Down” sounds like vintage, bouncy Sum 41 or Sugarcult. Crunchy guitars, an easy, sing-along chorus, and a jovial vibe that would have fit in well at the backyard college parties these guys probably played at.


“Today” is a different beast. A darker tune, closer to Pennywise‘s more melodic tracks. Something about the lines “Your life will be a big surprise, if you don’t open up your eyes, and see the truth in front of you, and pick apart the lies” dug into my college-aged self’s psyche, and has kept me a fan of the track to this day.


As with Kimberly Kills – if anyone has any information about this group and wants to aid me in tracking them down, your sleuthing help would be very much appreciated!

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