World Watch: The Psychedelic Birthday Party – Bad Blood

Psychedlic Birthday Party - Bad Blood

The debut single from a new dark pop artist Kevin van der Linden under the moniker The Psychedelic Birthday Party (name change needed I reckon) surprised me with its intense vulnerability, quiet confidence, and minimalist orchestration.

From the loud/quiet synth blast that opens the track to the smooth, warm voice calling out “Is there anyone out there” it’s a song in pieces, which show off a range of quiet pop styles that are highly enjoyable. The track builds to a more steady pop tune and then fades with each part fitting together. There’s a bit of Elliot Smith here in theme and sound.

Out of Denmark Linden claims his music is “Ghostly pop for the Lost” and cites his insecurities, fears, and nostalgia for fueling his journal where his songs are derived from. From a musical vet I’d chalk the heavy loneliness of this song to melodrama but Linden describes the pain and difficulty of writing this song, “The instense self-hatred and shame I felt at that time were just so deeply manifested in my soul.”

Tapping into his suffering, he has used his pop mentality and created something that is hypnotic, intensely personal, and as good music tends to be incredibly universal.

Keep an eye out for him and follow him on Spotify to get his new music the moment it’s released.

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