Lost Gems: Rodeo Queens – Depression Times

Lost gems aren’t always from unknown artists. Sometimes the biggest bands in the world have a hand in a song that for whatever reason gets buried in the annals of rock n’ roll history. Rodeo Queens is a prime example.

The band name may not ring any bells, but that’s only because it was a moniker for the group which comprised of Green Day and NY troubadour Jesse Malin. Recorded over a decade ago in 2009, the track is bound to have a small resurgence as Malin prepares to release his new album, The Sunset Kid, which features a collaboration with Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong called “Strangers and Thieves”.

The song is generally what you’d expect, in the best possible way. A fist-pumping rocker with grungy New York guitars and an exciting shout-along chorus. Lyrically, the track could just have easily been written today – “Depression times, say it’s a state of mind”.

While the track isn’t currently available on most DSPs, thankfully it’s easy to find on YouTube, so take a listen above, and check out Malin’s recent collaboration with Billie Joe Armstrong below.

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