Check This: Healing Gems – Red Moon River


Artist: Healing Gems

Song: “Red Moon River”

Album: Jungle Flower EP

Label: 764749 Records

Genre: Jazz, Indie, World, Surf, Crooner

If you got Dean Martin drunk on Mai Thais and had him front The Walkmen on a quiet tropical island, you may end up with music that sounds like Los Angeles’ Healing Gems, yet not nearly as fresh. The group, who describe their sound as Space Age Tequila Sunrise, Trash Lounge and Lava Pop, take iridescent crooning vocals, and let them float over surf-guitar speckled lounge jazz that could easily soundtrack tiki bars across the world.

Their latest EP came out in May, and opens with the dreamy “Red Moon River”. Slide guitar backs up island drums and lightly plucked piano, fleshed out by harpsichord and other musical layers. The vocals have a chill, laid back cadence that perfectly fit the imagery of the lyrics; “there’s a cool breeze, and the moon is on fire”. It’s a great pick for any summer playlist you may be creating.

Take a listen below in our Check This 2019 playlist:

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