Check This: Devendra Banhart – Kantori Ongaku


Devendra Banhart is a folkpop artist known for his eccentric style. He just released a new single from his upcoming album Ma, which is his first in 3 years.

“Kantori Ongaku” translates to “country music” and is a tribute to the late 70s/early 80s Japanese pop band Yellow Magic Orchestra.

The song is definitively Banhart with his kooky, warmth and vivid verses. If you are new to Banhart’s pop style check out his 2013 album Mala and 2009’s What Will Be Will Be.


From Venezuela, by way of Los Angeles and San Francisco Banhart’s quirky music will leave you with a thoughtful smile on your face and goes well with warm summer mornings.

As always, this song is on our ever expanding CHECK THIS 2019 Playlist.

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