Check This: Fake Crush – High Top Kicks


Artist: Fake Crush

Song: “High Top Kicks”

Genre: Pop, Surf, Alternative

Toronto’s Matthew O’Halloran and Marco DiFelice have spent time doing film/TV scoring and music supervision, but one listen to the high-energy sugar rush jam that is “High Top Kicks” from their new project Fake Crush, a collaboration with Tal Vaisman of The Ascot Royals, and it’s clear these guys wanted to get out of their office/studio and throw a sweaty summer party.

Sounding not too far off from the theme songs to old kids shows like The Banana Splits, “High Top Kicks” is an exuberant summer bop that is begging you to forget about everything serious in life and dance around like a silly person. What it may lack in lyrical depth it makes up for in slick licks, jangling percussion and an earworm chorus.

Take a listen to it in our Check This 2019 Playlist below:

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