World Watch: The Needs


Country: Norway

One listen to The Needs, and you might think you’re listening to an early 00’s pop punk group playing a Warped Tour side stage, rocking out with twice as much energy and three times the hooks to prove they’re destined for main stage status the following year. What you might not guess is that they’re a new group out of Oslo, Norway, who with groups like previous World Watch band Spielbergs, are leading a new wave of high energy bands out of Scandinavia.

Crediting groups like Teenage Fanclub and The Replacements as influences, The Needs bring a sweeter power pop coating to their songs that lean them more of a pogo than mosh type of band. Formed by Kvelertak’s guitarist Maciek Ofstad and two-time Norwegian Grammy winner Bendik Brænne, the line-up was completed by Brænne’s older brother and former scientist Mattis, drummer & possessor of the most Norwegian sounding name of all time Nils Jørgen Nilsen, and Knut-Oscar Nymo of punk rockers Oslo Ess.

Their debut album, You Need The Needswill be out September 6th. Until then, listen to their first two singles below:


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