Banger of the Week: Stick To Your Guns – Dove and Fist


Known for their clean vocals, socially conscious lyrics and hammering hardcore, southern California’s Stick To Your Guns are 16 years into a legit hardcore career. They’ve had some record sale success and have a devoted fan base.

The banger’s introduction to the band comes today with their new single “Dove and Fist,” a 2 and a half minute burner that comes out of the gate with the lyrics “Like a living fucking nightmare.” The song alternates between drum and bass driven verses to all out crashing hardcore through the choruses. Then right around 1:30, we get to the slow pretty part that builds to the crescendo with the repeated verse “The kids will save themselves.”

Imbued with the optimism of the resilience of youth and colored by the anger of being fucked over again and again, this song will feed the fan base beast and it has succeeded in showing us a band with a serious catalogue of killer hardcore.

Heading out onto tour this summer to a town near you, be sure to check out a couple of their bigger hits, which follow our Banger special.



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