Check This: The Tallest Man On Earth – The Running Styles of New York


The Tallest Man On Earth has honed his cathedral-folk sound to a sharp edged weapon that can cut deep with lyrics and melodies. Such is the single from new record I Love You. It’s a Fever Dream. “The Running Styles of New York” is an expansive warm song whose vocals and piano melody blend beautifully.

The song develops the idea of redemption and the journey for it across time. There are lofty ideas and there are simple observations. The lyric, “And all that I fear is all that I have given you is a ship out to nowhere that wants to be out of control” captures the depth of the story within the song. Its double meaning shows the introspective pathos that weaves throughout. It also uses poignant, concrete images that reach the same level of emotion: “And a lifetime so gently now sits on the stairs to my home.” For the duration, the music keeps the song moving at a perfect pace until it’s contented end.

I hadn’t listened to the album and with this I will. Enjoy the song and check out the album. This songwriter is beginning to show mastery of his craft and the comparisons to Bob Dylan are more apt. The raspy maturity of his voice and the polished orchestration bond in this haunting, lovely song.

This song and so many other good ones are on our playlist Check This 2019.

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