Check This: The Flaming Lips – Electric Fire


Orchestral techno rock and existential quandaries meet in the ether, merge, solidy and embody a stellar single from The Flaming Lips’ most recent album. “Electric Fire” is one of those rare songs whose content can match the grandeur of the title.

Dips into other tracks on the album reveal similar tone to this song and hold promises of more great music on an album that needs a bit more of my attention. The ecstatic fun that the album generates may in part be due to the narration of Clash lead singer Mick Jones whose eloquent English accent accompanies all of the songs with thematic insight.

The Flaming Lips are an all time great band who continue to be themselves in all of their strange glory.

PS, The Indy Review Check This 2019 playlist has this song and like 100 hundred other good ones from this year.

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