Check This: The Last Bees – Crusade

The Last Bees Photo 2

Artist: The Last Bees

Song: “Crusade”

Album: The Last Bees

Label: Seventh Science

Genre: Power Pop, Pop, Rock

Do you like The Beatles? Of course, what sane person doesn’t? Having trouble finding new acts that capture the harmonious magic of the Fab Four? Then The Last Bees should scratch that itch for you.

Milwaukee-based Ian Ash’s project channels the upbeat melodies and British Invasion charm of The Beatles with a power pop effervescence of Fountains of Wayne that’s infectiously joyful. On his debut self-titled EP, one only need listen to “Crusade” to hear it. Sugar-sweet vocals swoon over jangly guitars and summery harmonica to form a bouncy piece of pop perfection.

Take a listen below:

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