Throwback Thursday: Calibretto 13 – High Five


I have been taking myself on a musical journey into the past as of late, creating Best of The Year song playlists on Spotify, dating back to 2000. We all associate certain songs and albums with times in our lives, though as the days go on, the exact years and music can blend together, or sometimes be forgotten, so it’s been fun remembering and rediscovering the songs that I used to have on repeat nineteen years ago, but have probably not even thought about in a decade.

One of the tracks I stumbled upon during my freshmen year of college which would populate my playlists the rest of that year was “High Five”, by Christian folk punk band Calibretto 13. I didn’t actually realize the band had religious leanings until years later, as there is nothing religious in the lyrics to this joyously bouncy ode to friendship and growing up. Simply put, it’s a jaunty, youthful track with a carefree “hey ho” singalong chorus and lyrics that any happy, nerdy person can relate to.

The band would later switch-up their line-up and change their name to just Calibretto, and break-up in 2004 (though released one one-off track in 2011). So, while they are no longer bringing the world new tunes, our streaming world thankfully makes it easy to throwback to their classic songs when I’m feeling nostalgic.

Check it out below.

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