Comeback Alert: Puddle of Mudd – Uh Oh


Let’s talk about a band you probably haven’t though about for a while. Puddle of Mudd – the hard rock band that rose to fame during the year of Limp Bizkit‘s reign, riding high on hits “Control”, and the alt. rock staple “Blurry”. But it was the track “She Hates Me” which helped set them apart by showing off something so many bands in their genre seemed to lack: a sense of humor.

Over the last 18 years, the group has made minor returns to the charts (“Psycho”), but have been plagued by frontman Wes Scantlin’s troubles with substance abuse and legal problems. It’s often sounded like the group was at the end of its rope, but then they have miraculously returned with the single “Uh Oh”, which finds the band back in excellent form.

From their upcoming albumĀ Welcome to Galvania, the track picks up where “She Hates Me” left off, riding a foot-stomping riff with Scantlin listing off his mistakes that have led to the problems in his relationship. All of these build up to a big, catchy chorus of “Uh oh, I fucked it up again. Oh baby, where do I begin…I did a real good job” Its bare-bones honesty with a smirk, and their best song in years.


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