Lost Gems: Eleventeen – Crestfallen / In the Air


Continuing my look back at early 00’s punk/rock/emo bands that have seemingly disappeared, I recently came across a song by a group I have listened to in a decade: Bay Area quintet Eleventeen.

While some music Uber-nerds may also know that Eleventeen was also the name of an early incarnation of Eve 6, but this group specialized less in inventive wordplay and more in meaty emo-rock with powerfully emotive hooks and choruses. The two tracks I spent the most time spinning back when these guys were in regular rotation on my playlists were “In the Air” and “Crestfallen”.

“In the Air”, which was featured in the snowboarding game AMPED 2, opens with tingly riff, and develops into a head-bobbing melody. As the pre-chorus mellows out (“If you promise to return this broken heart to me, I’ll be okay”), it only sets up for the huge, passionate chorus. While the lyrics are slightly more esoteric, it works for the song’s benefit, hitting home for anyone dealing with the confused feelings after a relationship falls apart.

“Crestfallen” opens with a more positive vibe, even as the lyrics describe a woman in shambles (“She expressed, I don’t really like this mess I’m in.”). The multi-part chorus evokes pure nostalgia and romanticism, and moves between hard-driving and swooning melodies. There’s definitely a touch of mid-90’s alternative in the vocal delivery and chunky riffs, but with a touch of Rites of Spring added for that vintage emo flavor.

Like many of the groups we’ve covered in these Lost Gems posts recently, Eleventeen don’t have much in regards to an online presence. A few live performance photos, a smattering of reviews, and Youtube uploads of the songs that are certainly not official, is the most you’re likely to find. But hopefully, as has happened lately, the band can track us down and give us an update on where they all are now.

Take a listen to the tracks below!

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