World Watch: Davila 666


Country: Puerto Rico (so AMERICA!!!)

When one thinks of the music of Puerto Rico, sounds of Reggaeton, pop and Latin rhythms are the first to come to mind. Davila 666, the island’s biggest punk export, knows this, but aren’t letting it change their sound or journey to bring spikey, melodic punk to their fellow countrymen both on and off the island.

Having released their debut album in 2008, the band earlier this year released the excellent new single “Huesos Viejos”, which continues their Stooges-inspired protopunk sound previously heard on tracks like Callejon. The group does have a softer side, such as on the mellow “Tu”, but if you’re going to a Davila 666 show, come expecting a theatrical rock show.

Check out a few of their tracks below, and help support legislation that will eventually make Puerto Rico a U.S. state (so these guys won’t qualify for World Watch anymore)!

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