Check This: Donovan Woods – It’ll Work Itself Out


Artist: Donovan Woods

Song: “It’ll Work Itself Out”

Album: They Are Going Away EP

Label: Meant Well

Genre: Folk

After catching his equally touching and hilarious performance at the Troubadour last week, I made a point of diving into folk singer Donovan Woods‘ recorded catalogue. Woods has found some success with his song “Portland, Maine”, which Tim McGraw turned into a hit, but the track that struck me most during his set was “It’ll Work Itself Out”

Though not one of his newest tracks (it is from his 2017 EP They Are Going Away), it’s a great representation of his music; gentle, wispy vocals that carry just the right amount of soul, finger-picked acoustic guitar, and light band accompaniment. Most importantly though are his lyrics, which ring with a note of optimism despite the bleak setting laid bare in them, “We’ll both catch colds come spring, and there ain’t no such thing as everything. You got reservations, and I got doubts. It’ll probably work itself out.”

Take a listen to it in our Check This 2019 Playlist:

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