Bad Ass Break-Outs: Jackie


When considering artists for our Bad Ass Break-Outs consideration, they usually need to have at least an EP under their belt and available to listen to, but I’m placing a bet down on Jackie based off of two tracks that get it right out the gate.

The Canadian group prefer not to be pigeon-holed by a genre, but there’s no denying their debut single “New at Drugs” is a blast of irresistible synthy pop rock. I discovered this track by happenstance earlier this year and it spent months on my playlist, defying my normal tendencies to clear out songs after 3-4 run-throughs.

unnamedTo follow this breakthrough, the group has recently dropped “Lifetime in Touch”, which builds of a crunchy 80’s groove, but swims upstream through the danceable beats towards another big pop chorus. The track was produced by recent Check This artist Hawksley Workman, who as we attested, has some excellent musical chops.

It’s pretty clear to me that Jackie have a knack for this whole songwriting thing. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to both tracks below and get onboard with this Next Big Thing before they drop their debut EP.


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