New Music Friday – January 10, 2019


Happy Friday Friends! As we launch into the first major New Music Friday of 2020, we’re doing it with a new, simpler format. Gone are the individual postings of each song, and instead we are simply sharing with you everything we’ve singled out in our easy-to-handle New Music Friday Playlist.

So what will you find in today’s playlist below? First, the new album from Jame Alex’s Replacements-loving band Beach Slang (you can find the song “Tommy in the 80s” on our Top Songs of 2019 Playlist).

Some of the new songs of note on the list; indie rockers Grouplove catchy new single, the first solo song from songwriter Nathaniel Rateliff, a new one from downer punks Spanish Love Songs, some R&B from John Legend, and a collaboration from Ozzy Osbourne and Elton John.

That and a whole lot more can be heard in the playlist below. Stream there, or click on the link above to follow it for later.

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