Music Video: Michael Stipe – Drive to the Ocean

When R.E.M. let themselves go fondly into that good night, many wondered if we would ever get to hear from singer Michael Stipe again. The other band members quickly moved on to new projects, but Stipe remained relatively quiet for the years to come, until he finally announced last year his debut solo album, due in 2020.

Bucking the normal trends for releasing music, Stipe has been debuting his songs on his website, and donating all profits from their sale to charity (he remains a class act). Last week, he released the video for his latest song, “Drive to the Ocean”, which he directed as well.

Using simple, vibrant visuals, Stipe captures a definitive mood with his washed out yellow-gray pallet and lone figures staring out at the mesmerizing sea. The hazy cinematography matches well with the track’s atmospheric production and poetic lyrics.

Watch the video above, and download it at

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