Check This: Albon – Big Sur Theme


Artist: Albon

Song: “Big Sur Theme”

Album: Dream Weaver/Bee Keeper (TBR January 31st)

Genre: Indie, Folk, Alternative, Psychedelic

Chicago born, LA-based singer-songwriter Albon creates lush, folk-inspired indie rock, with complex arrangements boosting pop-leaning harmonies. His music garners comparisons to Grizzly Bear, or even their forbears The Beach Boys. At the end of this month, he will be releasing a new EP, Dream Weaver/Bee Keeper.

First single “Big Sur Theme” is a dreamy acoustic cloud floating above a crisp Pacific Ocean. The intricate playing and airy vocals create a whimsical, ethereal atmosphere that fits the idyllic imagery of the Northern California location the title references.

Throw this one onto your soundtrack for your next coastal drive, or stream it in our Check This 2020 Playlist below:

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