Check This: The Homeless Gospel Choir – Don’t Compare


Artist: The Homeless Gospel Choir

Song: “Don’t Compare”

Album: TBA

Label: A-F Records

Genre: Rock, Power-Pop, Pop Punk

Derek Zanetti, aka The Homeless Gospel Choir, has been making punk-leaning records and touring the world for nearly a decade. While starting as a solo project, on his latest single, “Don’t Compare”, Zanetti has brought in a full band to sonically evolve his sound.

Opening with Zanetti and an acoustic guitar, and the tongue-in-cheek rallying cry “I’m fed up, fed up, fed up with this analogue twitter feed”, the track quickly blasts off into an energetic rocking ruckus. An anguished singalong with soaring hooks and an undeniably catchy chorus, “Don’t Compare” stands out as a new high in Zanetti’s songwriting.

Take a listen to it below in our Check This 2020 Playlist:

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