Check This: AM Clouds – Tune Me In

AM Clouds band photo1

Artist: AM Clouds

Song: “Tune Me In”

Album: Rainmaker

Genre: Rock, Americana, Folk Rock

It’s fitting that Oregon-based group AM Clouds takes such inspiration from the varying climate changes and natural beauty of their home, as their rootsy blend of early 00’s rock and Americana fits perfectly into highway drives through dense forests or windy deserts.  It’s not hard to pick out their musical influences as well; Neil Young, Tom Petty, a hint of Pearl Jam. Take a listen to the first single from their latest album Rainmaker to parse some of these influences out.

“Tune Me In” opens with folksy guitars with an extra crunch. The vocals recall rock from the early 00’s, joined by classic rock harmonies on the big power pop chorus. Lyrically, there’s a straightforward romanticism to the track; “You tune me in, you turn me on, you bring me back, to where we belong”. At the bridge, we’re giving a free-wheeling guitar solo that transitions into jangly jam, culminating with one final head-bobbing chorus.

Check out the track in our Check This 2020 Playlist below:

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