Check This: Dave Simonett – In the Western Wind and the Sunrise


Artist: Dave Simonett

Song: “In the Western Wind and the Sunrise”

Album: Red Tail

Label: Dancing Eagle / Thirty Tigers

Genre: Folk, Americana

Known best as the lead singer for bluegrass road warriors Trampled by Turtles, Dave Simonett just recently released his debut solo record. Drawing inspiration from nature and light, the songs on Red Tail have a relaxed, airy tone that both soothes and catches you emotionally off-guard.

Lead-off track “In the Western Wind and The Sunrise” captures this vibe perfectly, with Simonett’s descriptive lyrics mirroring wispy instrumentation sonically expansive vocals; “Haven’t slept in three days. Rolling down a freeway. Encouraging the wrong ways all the time.” The six minute track feels like an epic highway ballad, and has just the right amount of musical touches (somber piano melody, a few muted bass notes) to let the track breathe.

Check out this spacious track in our Check This 2020 Playlist below:

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