Banger of the Week: Mike Watt – Against the 70’s


With the death of D. Boone, the famous San Pedro punk band The Minutemen came to an end, and Mike Watt had to figure out his next steps. Those next steps included a number of solo projects, including is epically odd 1995 solo albumĀ Ball-Hog or Tugboat? While far from a smash, the album did include one surprising college rock hit…though it had some heavy-hitters giving it a hand.

With Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) on vocals, and Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) on drums, “Against the 70’s” is elevated into a hard rocking locomotive. Opening with blaring guitar distortion and Grohl smashing his drums, the track then becomes a riveting anthem, with Vedder calling out “the kids of today should defend themselves against the 70’s”. It’s the greatest smackdown of the baby boomers the 90’s ever produced.

Check out this gem in our Banger of the Weeks Playlist below:

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