Check This: Wain McFarlane – Sittin’ by the Fire


Artist: Wain McFarlane

Song: “Sittin’ by the Fire”

Album: Dreadlock Cowboy

Genre: Soul, Folk, Blues

Wain “The Dreadlock Cowboy” McFarlane has explored numerous musical genres via his many musical projects. Originally inspired by his Jamaican-born father’s reggae music, his latest album takes inspiration form the American Southern river music his mother loved. Focusing on folkloric storytelling, the album mixes in elements of rock, soul, folk, and New Orleans-style blues for something unidentifiable and wholly enjoyable.

Highlight track “Sittin’ by the Fire” bring in a soulful vocal performance over islandy xylophone plunking, organs and a funky, upbeat acoustic blues guitar. The positive vibes fit perfectly with the smooth, romantic lyrics, as McFarlane sings about his “baby” – if you hear this one live in a club, grab your date to dance. Most recently, McFarlane toured opening for Soul Asylum and Local H, prior to Corona shutting that tour down. Hopefully he’ll be back on the road soon with them!

Take a listen to it in our Check This 2020 Playlist below:

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