Check This: Mare Berger – The Moon is Always Full

Singer/Songwriter, Mare Berger, has been playing music since the age of 3. After years of studying and performing Classical, Jazz, Brazilian, Balkan, and Experimental styles, Mare now likes to focus on “dreamy, hopeful songs of justice,” which shines through in their newest single release, “The Moon is Always Full.” The single is the first taste of the new album being released in full on May 1, 2020.

The song focuses on the sudden, unexpected loss of a loved one. It’s about learning to find that new life cycle and planting the seeds that will grow as we work to overcome our grief and move towards what our lives will become. The pandemic the world is currently living starts to breathe new meaning into Mare‘s music as well, as they share their statement on this current situation below –

“While we are all having to pause, this is our chance to reset our habits and restructure our lives so we focus on what matters most –the well being of our planet, the well being of our collective. We are all experiencing this virus scare together which reminds us that we have always been experiencing this beautiful life together, as one, but are so often distracted by our individual pursuits. While we are all in this moment together, having the opportunity to pause, this is our chance to ask — how can we repair the world? How can we live more connected to the earth, more connected to each other? How can we feel in every cell of our bodies that our lives our interconnected, that our safety depends on the safety of others. Can we live differently knowing that truth?”  – Mare Berger on COVID-19

No doubt, we will be experiencing loss, and we’ll have to plant new seeds to grow as we move forward with our own lives after this. Let Mare’s music accompany you on your journey, and may the sweeping sounds of the string quartet and the haunting sounds of their vocals carry you away for a brief moment. Learn more about Mare Berger, and their efforts in supporting queer, trans, and other underrepresented artists on their website at Listen to “The Moon is Always Full below” –


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