World Watch: Sagun


Country: Nepal

Technology has become one of the great equalizers for the music industry, allowing those with creative dreams to pursue their craft from wherever they are in the world. A great recent example is Nepalese producer Sagun. While still living in his home country, he taught himself to use Fruit Loops, inspired by the work of J. Cole, and began creating his own music. He only left his home country for the first time at 21, to record music in London. Unknown

Since these humble beginnings, his first public track, “I’ll Keep You Safe”, has gone on to earn over 35m streams. On April 10th, he released his latest EP, Feathers, featuring the excellent single “It’s Too Late To Keep It Together”. Featuring R&B duo The KTNA on vocals, the somber track bridges the gap between pop, alternative and R&B, with it’s simple acoustic guitar plucking and moody bass line and chill beats.

Check out both of these Sagun tracks in our World Watch Playlist below:

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