Check This: Young T & Bugsey – Strike a Pose (feat. Aitch)

young t

Artist: Young T, Bugsey, Aitch

Song: “Strike a Pose”

Album: Plead the 5th

Genre: Rap

Label: Epic

There is no question that rap has become the dominant musical format in America over the last decade, but have no doubts that it is also huge worldwide, though no simply due to American talent. The UK has seen its fair share of homegrown rap talent become stars on the island, with a select few like Stormzy finding some success crossing the pond to the states.

I have no doubt that Stormzy is not the last British rapper that will find success here in the states, and if I were to place bets, I’d say rising duo Young T & Bugsey would have strong odds. Growing up in Nottingham, though on different sides of the city, the two met at fifteen, having already become aware of the others talent. Since dropping their first single “1st Quarter”, the two have been skyrocketing on the UK charts, with one of their most recent tracks, “Strike a Pose”, hitting #9 and going platinum in the country.

Featuring fellow British rapper and songwriter Aitch, the track has all the elements of a radio smash; a sizzling beat, a smooth, head-bobbing hook, and fantastic interplay between the duo, going back and forth with sharp wordplay (“Watch your girl, cah she’s digging the drip / If she with me she ain’t a regular bitch”). And personally, the British accents make it even better.

Take a listen, and imagine this playing at a party or club. Can you deny you’d be dancing? Find it in our Check This 2020 Playlist:

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