Cover Corner: The Brothers Comatose – Strangers

The Brothers Comatose are using their isolation time from Covid-19 well, as they’ve just delivered this cover of “Strangers,” by The Kinks, and put it alongside a delightful music video that features clips of their fans. The band asked their fans to send in videos of their favorite quarantine activities that are keeping them sane during these days, and the video compilation is truly a delight to watch – strangers, coming together in isolation in a shared experience.

Headed up by brothers, Ben & Alex Morrison, The Brothers Comatose are rounded out by Scott Padden, Philip Brezina, and Greg Fleischut. This band is always full of energy and is a true delight to see live, but for now it’s best to enjoy them from afar, digitally. Ben Morrison has been going LIVE on their Facebook every Friday at 4pm Pacific time with tunes for you to enjoy!

The Brothers Comatose are definitely a band worth following, if you aren’t already. This isn’t the first time they’ve done covers, either. They have a couple of cover EPs they’ve release, but they’ve also “dressed up” on Halloween and released EPs in the styles of metal and punk – covering their own songs with different styles!

They have been working on a new album, and their most recent single release is another cover, “Enjoy the Silence,” originally by Depeche Mode. This band continues to be a pure delight!

Check out their cover of “Strangers” above, listen to more of their original songs, covers and alter-egos on Spotify or Soundcloud:

The Brothers Comatose Website:
The Brothers Comatose Facebook:
The Brothers Comatose Twitter:
The Brothers Comatose Instagram:

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