Check This: Loud Forest – Miracle

Artist: Loud Forest

Song: “Miracle”

Genre: Alt Pop, Pop, Sparkle Pop

Husband and Wife duo, Bernard and Rachel Chadwick, have been making music together since Bernard was in college earning his MFA – their first full length album having been released in 2017. Since that first release, Loud Forest has appeared on multiple Spotify and Apple playlists, as well as having performed to sold out audiences around the Los Angeles area. They are currently working on their third full length album, which they hope to release in 2020. The first song, “Miracle,” is already streaming for your enjoyment on multiple musical platforms.

“Leading single ‘Miracle’ details codependency in relationships and the uncertainty of where the future leads. Bernard confides on his relationship with Rachel, ‘Our story is so crazy, so it’s like, hey this is a miracle, let’s not fuck it up, forget about it and run away, lets remember how special it is.’ Sonically ‘Miracle’ is a minimal pop/alt rock song with a snap of sparkle.”

Their sound is really fun and reminds me a lot of not only some of my favorite 80’s bands, but also of more recent bands on the pop scene such as HAIM, The Mowgli’s, Grouplove, and even Sofi Tukker at times. The first album released by Loud Forest, called Loud Forest, had more of a rock vibe, but the newer stuff on Please Don’t Disappear definitely throws in some synthesizer pop vibes. The band shows a multitude of variety in sound, melody, rhythm, and musical stylings. I like that they continue to find ways to deliver a fun and unique musical experience. It sounds like the new album will continue to experiment with their pop sound – that snap of sparkle. I look forward to hearing the rest of it once it’s released.

Once live music is able to return, I plan on looking this band up and hope I can get into one of their sold out live shows.

Check out “Miracle” on our Check This 2020 playlist below, and check out more from Loud Forest on Spotify:

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