Music Video: Opus Orange – The Lucky Ones

Music videos may not be as present on television anymore, but they are still going strong online and offering a lot of stunning visuals and creativity. The newest video from Opus Orange delivers on this tenfold.

Opus Orange is the recording project of LA-based musician Paul Bessenbacher, who also plays with LA-based group, Loud Forest. Besides these two musical projects, Bessenbacher is also an esteemed composer for film & television and has had his worked featured in shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Broad City, as well as feature films by Joss Whedon and Catherine Hardwicke. Those are just a few of the credits from this talented songwriter.

This video for “The Lucky Ones” is an enjoyable and stunning animated journey created by film maker, XUAN. Exploring the need for intimacy, isolation and silence in a chaotic world, “The Lucky Ones” is just one of the delightful tunes provided on Opus Orange‘s newest album, Miles From Nowhere. The song and music video mesh together beautifully in their presentation and should be given your full attention to truly enjoy the experience. I could go back and re-watch the night sky scroll by on the video multiple times, as it truly is an ethereal visual. I relished the combined experience that XUAN and Opus Orange have provided, and hope you do as well.

Enjoy the music video above, and check out the song on Spotify below:

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