Banger of the Week: Sonata Arctica – The Cage

Finnish power metal band, Sonata Arctica, has been cranking out the thrashes since their debut album, Ecliptica, in 1999. Their early albums weigh more heavily to the speed metal side of things, whereas their newer albums take a deeper dive into what is categorized as “symphonic metal,” giving way to layers of guitar, drums, and keyboards combined with full symphonic accompaniment and an epic story to tell.

I have been following this band since around 2007, and whether they’ve been more speed focused or symphonic focused, they always deliver on the “banger” note. I’ve chosen a track to share as “Banger of the Week” that was never actually released as one of their singles, but truly displays their earlier speed metal days with a zest! I can listen to the majority of their albums from start to finish, as they take you on a journey, song by song, and showcase their variety and musicianship.

Their most recent album, Talviyƶ, was just released in 2019, and they have a catalog ten full-length albums strong since 1999. This week’s banger track comes from their third full length album, Winterheart’s Guild. Check out “The Cage” on our Banger of the Weeks playlist:


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