Check This: Pay for Pain – Gatekeeper


Artist: Pay for Pain

Song: “Gatekeeper”

Album: Pay for Pain EP

Genre: Indie, Rock, Americana

Label: Dark Medicine

The three friends who formed Pay for Pain nearly three years ago came with an indie pedigree in tow. Guitarist/vocalist Adam McIlwee had been the founder of Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, while bassist/vocalist Dennis Mishko and drummer Pat Brier hailed from Three Man Cannon; all three also spent time in the group Tigers Jaw.  When the three got together to start writing songs together, they didn’t have the intention of creating the self-titled EP which is dropped on June 5th.

The second song the group released from the EP was the hooky yet haunting “Gatekeeper”. Darkly-toned jangly guitars and a heavy crashing beat give a macabre, airy vibe to the track, even as the folky harmonies and indie rock melody ground it in a solid foundation.

Take a listen to it in our Check This 2020 Playlist.


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