World Watch: Church & Ap


Country: New Zealand

Church & Ap are a hip-hop duo who have quickly conquered their home country and neighboring Australia. It won’t be long before their tunes make it across these shores as well.

The duo got the fire started with “Ready or Not”, a slinky, tactile track that opens chill (“We don’t want no problems but we’re ready to go”) before breaking into Church and Ap trading vicious verses. Last month, the duo took things to the next level with the drop of their latest single “War Outside”. Opening with a sing-songy pop hook, it’s a great playful set-up for verses referencing Katy Perry, Eminem and Metta World Peace, while also calling out people threatening “war” (“None of them guys gon’ ride out here, they won’t do it, they’re bluffin'”). Church & Ap have mesmerizing flows and a sharp delivery that easily gets stuck in your head.

As they get press in Rolling Stone and play in the UK, don’t be surprised if you hear Church & Ap invading your favorite playlists in the US, if they haven’t already. Find them in our World Watch playlist.

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