Music Video: Natalie Schlabs – Home Is You

The friends and family of Nashville based artist, Natalie Schlabs, collaborated and helped put together this lovely music video for the first single off of her upcoming album, Don’t Look Too Close, due out in October.

“My Home Is You” was written for “that person who is your ‘person.'” This music video shows, however, that it may not just be a “person,” but the people who are your people. The theme of the song and the love that went into everyone contributing to this video is a great combination of support and friendship on display. I find it fitting, considering Natalie Schlab has said, “My love for music comes from my family, and my love for family is often the substance of my songwriting.” Those things all come together nicely in this presentation of togetherness – especially during times when we are being forced apart by things out of our control.

On top of having a very lovely video, “My Home Is You” is a delightful song. It’s mellow, yet upbeat, and it fills the heart and mind with thoughts and feelings about those that you hold dear. Check out the music video above, and listen to the track on Spotify below:

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