Comeback Alert: Hum – Step Into You


“She thinks she missed the train to Mars. She’s out back counting stars.” This was the immaculate and surprisingly melancholy opening line to Hum‘s 1995 hit “Stars”. It’s a track that has stood the test of time, even as the band that wrote it has faded from most people’s memories. The track had a minor resurgence when it was used in a Cadillac commercial in 2009, but since then, there’s been nary musical peep from the band, who haven’t released a new album since 1998.

Well, that all changed this last week as Hum released Inlet, their first collection of new music in 22 years. The album is filled with heavy drums, cosmic guitars lines and existential lyrics, and if there was one high point of the album it would be “Step Into You”. From the head banging riffs, to the emotive vocals, that track perfectly connects in these uncertain. The searching lyrics retain the same poeticism as their 90’s hit; “Wanting to see for myself again. It’s a race to the ground back to you again. I am lost. Path is unclear and the air is thin.”

Take a listen to the song below, and check out the rest of the album on the music platform of your choice.

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