Bad Ass Break-Outs: Shuffalo


Shuffalo have that sound that goes down so smoothly it’s like a muscle relaxer for the ears. Lead by frontman Brayden Bell’s hyper-melodic vocals and songwriting knack, the group’s debut 2018 EPĀ Heart Attack is all mellow power pop goodness. The title track opens with Bell’s heavenly vocals casting off a delicate guitar line, before a marching beat morphs the song into an upbeat indie rock singalong. Another stand-out is “Simple Conversations”, a flowing ballad that dives into some dirty guitar playing and dark lyrics “I need to get back home without losing my home. Rid the evil of this world without killing ourselves.”

Last week, the band dropped their latest single “Stay on Me”, in anticipation of their debut LP coming out later this summer. The track isn’t so much a departure as an evolution of their sound. From the finger-snapping beat to the bluesy vocals and drone-funk chorus, “Stay on Me” carries an attitude and forcefulness not previously heard in Shuffalo‘s debut EP. The sound they capture on the guitars is electric and wiry, and the production creates a spacious, ghostly atmosphere. The song is also incredibly catchy.

Take a listen to these great tracks in our Bad Ass Break-Outs Playlist!

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