Banger of the Week: Atwater Punx – Annie


For many, having to shelter in place has led to lots of Netflix binging and baking. For lifelong musicians Stacy (American Hi-Fi, Letters to Cleo) and Kristen Wagner Jones (Shut Up Stella, Bullet & Snowfox), they used the time stuck indoors to form their own project Atwater Punx, and churn out a badass punk  EP (The Flea Draws Blood) inspired by acts like The Clash, Bikini Kill, Sleigh Bells and Rancid.

I have to admit, on first hearing the lead single “Ghost Town”, I thought it was just okay. There was something there, but I wasn’t quite feeling it. But I listened again. And again. And once the full EP was out, I was listening to all three songs, and realizing “oh, these tracks are actually bad ass”. They grew on me in the best kind of way.

While “Ghost Town” has a cool Transplants gospel-punk, hip-hop vibe, and third track “Drums of Death” delve into psycho-pop territory, it’s the EP’s second track “Annie” which is the true banger. Dark guitar riffs and Stacy’s snarling drawl build tension over a ferocious drum beat, leading up to Kristen’s piercing, hyperkinetic wale “Run run run, Annie get your gun!”. The bridge slithers into a trippy jazz break before the explosive chorus returns to barrel the track home.

Take a listen to this slap-tastic track in our Banger of the Weeks Playlist!

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