Comeback Alert: Jefferson Starship – It’s About Time


I don’t pretend to have a good grasp on the history of Jefferson Starship. I know they began as Jefferson Airplane, with a member of that band forming Jefferson Starship, until he left and the remaining members went on as Starship, but later Jefferson Starship was restarted. The Wikipage explains it in far more details, if you want to know who is still in the band.

I would often confuse Jefferson Starship with Starship growing up, as “We Built This City” was one of my favorite songs as a kid (that one is by Starship). I know Jefferson Airplane‘s classic songs, but must admit to not being too familiar with Jefferson Starship‘s catalogue, but when I heard they had a new song coming out, I couldn’t resist giving it a spin.

And dang – I liked it! A driving rocker with hope-filled synth guitars and an unabashed political message (“Old white men have had their turn. Thousands of years, what have we learned?”), the band sounds energized and ready to have a good time. It’s very catchy, easy singalong that manages to overcome a bit of the lyrical cheese by being so musically uplifting.

This starship is still flying high. Take a listen here.


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