World Watch: Ebony Buckle

Country: Australia / UK

London-based Australian singer/songwriter, Ebony Buckle, has been using music as a means to help her connect more with her true self. She says that she is a “naturally shy person” and that she sometimes finds it hard to be herself in front of other people. “I feel like the songs I write come straight from my inner dialogue and they are a true expression of who I am,” she shares.

She writes and performs with her English husband, Nick Burns, but they had a rocky couple of years when they were fighting to get her visa renewed after marriage. They wrote the song, “Ghost,” during Skype sessions while dealing with the pain and loss of not being able to be together.

While the song itself doesn’t have a variety of unique lyrics, the repetitive nature of the song lends itself to finding yourself trapped in an ongoing spiral of emotions without being able to find your way out. Whether you are currently struggling with being separated due to global circumstances in an international marriage – or separated from friends or family currently – I believe this song will find its way into your heart.

“Ghost” does a wonderful job of capturing love, loss, and working to overcome that feeling of helplessness that can arise when you are faced with a situation that you have no control over. From its softer piano/vocal intros to the wonderfully swelling symphonic ending, the song takes you on an emotional journey with Ebony Buckle.

Check out “Ghost”, as well as older song “Silver Dagger”, on our World Watch playlist below, and you can catch the accompanying video above:

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