Music Video: Neia Jane – Break Ur Heart

When Boston’s Neia Jane‘s life partner, an immigrant, was forced to leave the country, she turned that pain and trauma into the wrenching “Break Ur Heart”. A synth-heavy alt. pop rock burner, the track is emotionally charged as Jane sings “The sky’s on fire and I’m kissing you goodbye” and longs for the person she’s losing. Having gone through a similar situation in my own life, I can fully appreciate how the song addresses the damage such an event causes.

The track’s new video is an artistic kaleidoscope of neon and double images. The fuchsia-infused color palette gives the scenes of Jane and her lover traveling through the city a psychedelic and nostalgic quality, while the cinematography evokes the internal chaos and confusion created by having a loved one ripped away from you.

Watch the video above and stream the track here.

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