Check This: Broken Bones Matilda – Everafter


Artist: Broken Bones Matilda

Song: “Everafter”

Genre: Indi, Folk, Rock, Alternative

London’s Broken Bones Matilda have been making music together for a number of years now, melding influences of 70’s and 90’s rock into a soulful original sound. With bluesy vocals, strutting guitar playing and classic harmonies, the duo’s music has a purely timeless quality.

Latest single “Everafter” is a teenage romance song, capturing the insecurity and longing when loving someone from afar and fearing making a move. Opening with a pensive guitar line, the empathetic vocals enter, narrating to a young man to make a move on his dream girl, as “teenage girls don’t wait for the right one to ask them”. The track feels like the prom song for every person who stood at the side of the dance, watching the person they wanted most dance the night away with a rival. It pierces with its relatability even as the soothing harmonies move to inspire.

Check out this excellent track in our Check This 2020 Playlist!

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