World Watch: Betweenatna


Country: Morocco

Finding new music often requires a bit of a journey down the rabbit hole. While attending a friend’s weekly Jukebox hour on JQBX, a new listener stumbled into our room out of curiosity. After learning about this site, she pointed me in the direction of hers, where I found an interesting post on the Rise of Punk in Morocco. Listening to some of the bands discussed on the site led me to hearing Betweenatna.

Per the article: “Betweenatna is essentially a fusion supergroup and their sound leans heavily in the direction of punk and metal. Their narrative-driven lyrics generally tell absurd stories of everyday life for youth on the streets of urban Morocco, and their whimsical performances, relatable lyrics, and scene clout has led Betweenatna to be one of the most popular bands in the country at this moment.”

As I do not speak Arabic, I can’t confirm or deny their songs’ lyrical contents, but I can attest that they are incredibly catchy. Take a listen to their tracks “Lay Chafi” and “Lhandia” in our World Watch Playlist!

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