Banger of the Week: Poorstacy – Choose Life


It’s been said for a while now that rap is the new punk, and that is becoming more and more clear as rappers are taking their punk influences into their music. While the emo rap genre is still going strong, a new crop of rappers are blasting out pure guitar-driven, high energy rock songs and busting down genres as they do it. Machine Gun Kelly had big success doing this last year with his single “I Think I’m Okay”, and 24kGoldn took off this year with “City of Angels”.

The latest rapper to prove his rock bonafides is Florida’s Poorstacy, who teamed up with Travis Barker (a common link between the rap and punk worlds) for his new song “Choose Life” off his albumĀ The Breakfast Club. Blasting off with Barker’s banging drums, the song kicks it into high gear immediately, with Poorstacy‘s Smiths-on-cocaine chorus and loud power chords. The track bounces like classic Iggy Pop, and could easily create a frenzy in the mosh pit.

Call it punk, call it rap – we’ll just call it a banger. Hear it in our Banger of the Weeks Playlist!

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